Elbert Hollingsworth
Professor of English, Spanish and college algebra (bilingual)

Native language: English
Other Languages: Spanish
Currently living in: United States

  Let me tell you about myself.

Elbert K. Hollingsworth M.A Ed.
2740 Wallapai Ave. Kingman, Arizona 86401 Phone (928) 897-7072
Email: rayoscork1960@yahoo.com or ehollingsworth14140@my.gcu.edu

I am considered by the U.S. Government as an English-Language-Acquisition-Specialist. I have extensive experience in the studies of Steven Pinker and Noam Chomsky. I am fluent in computer technology, especially the new ANGEL online learning tool. I have a Master’s Degree in Education—I have several undergraduate degrees in English and Spanish and Liberal Arts. For the past 12 years, I have been teaching a variety of students; English and Spanish and college algebra. I am bilingual: I can teach in English and Spanish; I can write and speak in English and Spanish. I understand the pedagogical teaching-concepts in assisting students with language acquisition. I am fluent in APA and MLA criteria. I am proficient in the three learning theories, pedagogical, didactic, and experiential. I am a team player: I have an open-door policy for my students and my colleagues. I have experience in the business world and in the academic community. Also, I am an Early Childhood Specialist at The Grace Neal Learning Centre.

* Professional Valve Service Inc. 1979-1996. I was a CEO of a construction company. I sold it in 1996, P.O. Box 692, Solvang, CA 93463. (928) 897-7072
*Joe Nightingale Elementary School 1997-1999: I taught 6th grade English and
American History: 255 Winter Road, Santa Maria, Ca. 93455 (805) 937-2511
*Santa Maria High School 1999-2001: I taught high school juniors and seniors
Algebra, English, Spanish, and Statistics 101, 901 South Broadway, Santa Maria, CA
93454, (805) 925-2567
*Santa Barbara Business College 2002-2003. I taught conversational Spanish to
college students and I taught college algebra, also. (805) 922-8256
* Kingman High School North Campus 2003-June 2006/I taught Spanish and English literature to high school juniors and seniors. 4182 North Bank Street, Kingman, Arizona, 86409. (928) 753-6216 (Principal: Mr. John Venenga).
* Mohave Community College, 1971 Jagerson Ave, Kingman AZ, 86401: Spanish and an English Professor; (928) 692-3089 October 2006-July 2008.
* Veterans of the Land, Inc. Fort Gibson, Oklahoma/Veterans Affairs; Translator for a Federal Contractor and Veterans Affairs/918-478-2334. August-December 2008—Special Assignment
* Kingman Academy of Learning (Private High School in Arizona) Teaching English and Spanish to high school students; currently employed—contract expires on 06/05/2009; 928-681-2900
* Grace Neal Learning Centre; 1730 Kino Ave., Kingman, Arizona, 86409; (928) 692-8830/I am preparing kindergarten students for the 1st grade with a specialized program I have developed in accordance with Arizona State Standards.
* Grand Canyon University; Online Professor for; Spanish 101, Spanish 102, Spanish 101 Lab, and Spanish 102 Lab. Contract commencement on 12/21/2009 ‘til currently teaching classes via ANGEL. Megan Milem /Online Faculty Scheduler for College of Health Sciences& College of Nursing/Grand Canyon University/Phone - 602.639.7796/ Fax - 602.639.7833/memilem@gcu.edu
Note: If you like my resume and you need more information, email me with a request, and I will send you scanned copies of all pertinent academic documents, transcripts, and diplomas.

1992-1994, I graduated from Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California. I obtained an “AA” in Liberal Arts with a major in Spanish and a minor in English.

1995-1997, I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I obtained a “BA” in Spanish with minors in Latin American Iberian Studies and English.

2004-2006, I graduated from the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona. I obtained a Master’s Degree in Education/Administration-Supervision with a minor in Curriculum Standards.

Available for employment.

  • Full-time, Contract
  • Location: Any locale where my services are needed
  • ESL Job Interests: I enjoy teaching English and/or Spanish to kindergarten students. I believe I have had a positive impact on 100's of young students, many of whom have skipped the 1st grade and have been placed in 2nd and 3rd grade after studying advanced curriculum with me.

    I enjoy teaching middle-school, primary school, high school and college students, also.

    I have dedicated my prior 15 years to helping people advance in school, society, and multicultural aspects of life.

    I would give any academic institution and their students 200% dedication of all my skills, as well as sharing my wisdom with the students, also.
Please contact me for more information.