Elbert Hollingsworth
Professor of English, Spanish and college algebra (bilingual)

Native language: English
Other Languages: Spanish
Currently living in: United States

  Let me tell you about myself.

I have a Master's Degree in Education; a BA in English and Spanish from the University of California, and a Liberal Arts Degree from Allan Hancock College.

Furthermore, I am an Early Childhood Academic Specialist. I have many years of experience working with students between the ages of 3-6: teaching the students, verbal English, English phonetics, English lexical discourse, English syntax, and MLA writing skills.

I am an English Language Acquisition Specialist/Professor, and I am fluent in English, as well as Spanish. I have multiple skills developing English language curriculum that are consistent with USA Educational Standards.

  • Onsite: Any locale that I am needed. I am a constant perfectionist with high moral and ethical regards for philanthropy.
  • Online
    • Presentation editing and voice-overs
    • Assessment of spoken language skills
    • I am fluent with the new online software "ANGEL." I have a certificate from Grand Canyon University for my excellence in online teaching.
Please contact me for more information.